Veronika Mol, an instant film artist from Kyiv (UA), began her journey in art photography in 2021. She is a member of the MYPH group and draws inspiration from manipulating film through techniques such as cutting, burning, dyeing, and even stitching with staples, all driven by her insatiable curiosity. Veronika has been involved in exhibitions across Ukraine, the USA, Austria, Hungary, and Norway.

  • -Selected group exhibitions, festivals, fairs

    2023 Flash #9, Decagon Gallery / New York, USA
    2023 Light in the dark, ArtPrize festival / Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
    2023 shortlisted NIDA OFF / Nida, Lithuania
    2023 MYPH, Sklad №5 gallery / Cherkasy, Ukraine
    2023 Коли ти довго дивишся в пустоти, Asortymentna kimnata / Ivano-Frankivsk, UA
    2023 How are you? National Center "Ukrainian House" / Kyiv, Ukraine
    2023 New Mythology, Yermilov Center / Kharkiv, Ukraine
    2023 Moments, Eye Sea Art Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine
    2023 There will be silence… / Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
    2023 The Ukrainian Issue, Vasli Souza Gallery / Oslo, Norway
    2022 MYPH. Mykolaiv Young Photography, Dymchuk Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine
    2022 Rotlicht Festival / Vienna, Austria
    2022 Art Market Budapest / Budapest, Hungary
    2022 Crossing the Line, Walker Art Gallery / Kearney, Nebraska, USA
    2022 Wartime Art Archive, The Naked Room / Kyiv, Ukraine

  • -Personal exhibition

    2022 Benefit Ukraine: The Polaroids of Veronika Mol, Lil Indie’s / Orlando, USA

  • -Publications

    The Ukrainian Issue - Uncertain States ScandinaviaMYPH bookLibération



Recovery 2022-2023

The project ‘Recovery’ reveals my journey to personal strength against the backdrop of living through war. These images, as symbols of my new external reality, emphasize inner growth and resilience. Through mechanical manipulations of the photographs, I convey my feelings and experiences that are changing my life...


Yahidne. Obvious. (2022)

The work "Yahidne. Obvious." was created in May 2022 in the village of Yagidne, Chernihiv region, during trips with the volunteer initiative Repair Together. The village was under Russian occupation for 28 days in March 2022, during which the occupiers held all the residents of the village in the basement of the local school.